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Keep in mind that to make full use of this training you need one of our KinesioTaping Kits. After ordering course you will be granted -30% kit coupon valid only 48h!

Kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape that’s applied strategically to the body to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling and improve performance. Now used for face and body lift, wrinkle improvement and anti-aging.

Kinesiotaping for face and body treatments (i.e. face lifts, anti-wrinkles & anti-aging) and due to its features very suitable to use on vulnerable areas f.e. on thin skin (scar tissue).

KinesioTaping effect:
– Moisture removal is improved.
– Regeneration process of the connective tissue is stimulated.
– The tape creates a firmer connective tissue and skin improvement becomes visible.
– Fine wrinkles disappear and deep wrinkles become less visible.
– The muscle tone can be activated or sedated with tape.

Section 130% off kit coupon
Section 2Tape presentation
Lecture 2Training introduction
Lecture 3Tape types
Lecture 4Forehead horizontal lines
Lecture 5How to remove tape
Section 3Top part of face
Lecture 611’s lines
Lecture 7Second method for 11’s lines
Lecture 8Smooth forehead
Lecture 9Eyebags, dark circle, crows feet
Lecture 10Crows feet
Lecture 11Eyebrows lift (cat eye)
Section 4Bottom part of face
Lecture 12Cheeks lifting
Lecture 13Second method for cheeks lift
Lecture 14Smile lines
Lecture 15Lip lifting, smoker lines
Lecture 16Face oval
Section 5Neck and chest
Lecture 17Double chin, lose skin
Lecture 18Neck lifting
Lecture 19Chest lifting
Section 6Book, certificate & consent form

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