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Pen Infusion

1 October 2021

Butt Lift by Hyaluron Pen

About – butt lifts infusions are elective cosmetic procedures that add volume, curve, and shape to your buttocks using Sedy Fill Safety – procedures are considered […]
13 May 2021

PDO Liquid Threads

PDO liquid threads by Hyaluron Pen – what is it? PDO (polydioxanone) is a strong synthetic fiber, consisting of one or two twisted, solid fibers that […]
3 January 2021

Russian Volume Doll Lips

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is a commonly performed procedure that allows you to correct the shape and size of the lips. If performed correctly, lip […]
20 October 2020

Hyaluron Pen Advanced

In ADVANCE training you will learn with details: how to do face volumetry (cheeks, chin, jaw line) mesotheraphy for skin tightening and younger look fat dissolve […]
17 October 2020

Hyaluron Pen Basic

In BASIC training you will learn with details : how to do lips (natural lips, volume, full volume – Russian, asymmetry and lift corners) wrinkles smile […]
7 October 2020

Flat Doll Lips

The flat method (doll lips) consists in extending the red zone of lip while maintaining a flat natural effect, can be compared to the lips of […]