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Product used instead microdermabrasion. With this procedure, the epidermis exfoliates, further restoring the stratum corneum and eliminating the dead skin. The product is a 100% plant extract, is introduced into the skin in the form of crystals of organic calcium and within 36-48 hours it stimulates skin cells by polishing it, the process of dissolving keratin and eliminates dead cells. Accelerates blood circulation and delivers nutrients. Due to the fact that exfoliated skin replaces the epidermis, it becomes thin, and the procedure helps to eliminate all exfoliated skin and cleanse the pores of the face, reducing the recovery time of facial skin (-28 days) to 3-5 days. Powder Composition Field Horsetail Extract Contains many vitamins, various minerals, saponins and silicon which is highly effective in the fight against cancer. Due to the rich composition of nutrients and the presence of antioxidant properties, the skin regenerates quickly. Sage extract A plant herb that is common in Europe against acne and rosacea. Also known as Hofra. It has a high sterilization property. Sage extract has a strong antibacterial effect, inhibits the growth of bacteria and due to this, it is used not only in dermatology but also in diseases of the ears, nose, throat, eyes and genitals. Hamamelis virgin extract Extract helps in suppressing the damaging and dangerous properties of certain substances and protects the skin from them. The extract also reduces skin temperature, while suppressing itching. It has a calming effect. With enhanced enrichment of the skin with oxygen, the extract protects the oxidation process, which can lead to rapid aging of the skin and, therefore, it is an anti-aging ingredient in the product. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recommended witch hazel extract of Virginia as an analgesic and protective agent. And in Germany it was recommended for inflammatory processes on the skin, for gum diseases, etc.

The composition of the solution Glycosyl Trehalose Glycosyl is obtained in the processing of saccharin obtained from corn starch. Saccharin has a water-retaining effect. And also the processing product is glycosyltransfer 1, 1-glycoside. Glycosyl Trehalose retains moisture and makes the skin more moist. Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolyzate This component is also obtained from corn. By adding hydrogen to corn syrup. This element maintains skin moisture, creates a protective membrane of the skin, makes it smoother. The difference between ordinary solutions and DUO PEEL Ordinary solution DUO PEEL Microscopic image (100x magnification) With a normal solution, the skin will simply melt. And DUO PEEL has special qualities like nutrient delivery, natural removal of exfoliated skin and many beneficial effects on the skin. This product is for all types of problematic skin! Skin that has lost firmness, dull skin, wide pores, wrinkles, and all other common skin problems. Choosing the right type of product you can get the skin you dreamed about!

Types of DUO REEL A-type Wrinkles B-type Whitening C-type Pores, scars D-type Acne

A – type For those who want to maintain the elasticity of their skin

B -type For those who want to improve their skin tone

C -type For those who have wide pores who want to improve the condition of their skin

D-type For those who have problems with acne

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